Arts, Culture, and Spirit on the Silk Roads: Study Abroad

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Winter 2018 quarter

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visual arts, Chinese studies, human development

The half-time, interdisciplinary program Arts, Culture, and Spirit on the Silk Roads immerses students in the study and practice of art and in cultural experiences that are vastly different from the dominant paradigm of Western culture. Students in the program will have the option to travel to China in March of 2017 to study in important Daoist, Buddhist, and Confucian centers. This study abroad option is also available as an individual component by taking the variable credit option within Arts, Culture, and Spirit on the Silk Roads.

Silk Roads connected cultures and people. For us, it is a metaphor of cultural exchange and competence, of communication, of development, and transference of knowledge. From a poetic metaphor to China’s new initiatives, Silk Roads are changing geopolitical realities of Central Asia and the world.  Whether you’re passionate about tea or about China’s history and contemporary culture, this study abroad intensive will provide opportunities to experience China in three renowned cultural centers:  Shanghai, WuYi Shan, and Hangzhou.  While each student will be supported to develop an individual study project, our shared study of traditional and contemporary Chinese culture will include visits to Buddhist, Daoist, and Neo-Confucian centers; tea arts and appreciation; and the practice of meditation and calligraphy. 

In order to accommodate students who wish to participated but are registered in other programs, our anticipated dates of travel will be at the end of Winter quarter: week 10, evaluation week and spring break (March 12 through April 2). Contact faculty member Hirsh Diamant ( with any questions or to discuss your specific itinerary. Additionally, students, in consultation with faculty, may plan to extend their study abroad in China in spring quarter.  

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international studies visual arts

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international studies and cultural studies.


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Study Abroad

3 weeks in China at the end of winter quarter, with possible extended stay abroad for Internships, Independent Study, and/or Service Learning. The approximate cost for the 3-week study abroad is $3500 with a mandatory $200.00 deposit due January 14. The group is limited to 15 students, so if interested, please make your deposits early. The estimated budget of $3500 will include airline fair and all transportation in China, lodging in International dormitories at University campuses (2 students per room) and most meals. All students must be willing and able to participate in 5 required pre-departure meetings during the winter quarter.  These meetings will be on Saturdays, January 13, 20, Feb. 3, Feb. 17, and March 3, from 4pm to 5:30pm. The meetings will include such topics as: tickets, passports and visa applications; Chinese language survival skills; student conduct and cultural etiquette; and study abroad orientation sessions with Michael Clifthorne (International Programs Assistant Director) and David McAvity (Academic Dean). 

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Online Learning

Hybrid Online Learning 25 - 49% Delivered Online


 $10 for Lunar New Year seminar registration. For study abroad in China, 3 weeks, winter, approximately $3,500.00