Art, Culture and Social Entrepreneurship on the Silk Roads

Winter 2022
Spring 2022
Freshman - Senior
Class Size: 35
8 12 Credits per quarter
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This program will focus on the interconnections between business, economics, and culture, with a specific application to social enterprise, cultural exchange, and community development along the Silk Roads, an ancient trade linking Asia, the Pacific Rim, the Middle East, and the West.

In this program we will study contemporary and historical Silk Roads to envision sustainable Silk Roads of the future. Good training in business management and cultural competence are essential requirements for the development of successful and sustainable enterprises. We will develop learning skills and practical knowledge that are necessary to provide a strong foundation and vision for understanding the development of non-profit social entrepreneurship and economic globalization along the Silk Roads, and how they impact the social and economic future of the Pacific Northwest. For centuries, the ancient Silk Roads moved ideas and goods between the great civilizations of Asia, Pacific Rim, the Middle East, and the New World. From Marco Polo to Genghis Khan to modern China, the Silk Roads have connected empires and fostered the development of commerce, music, art, religion and most importantly, the non-profit social enterprise sector throughout Asia and the world.

We will learn about business management, cultures, social entrepreneurship, and globalization. The skills and content in this program are foundational to linking business pathways toward greater cultural and economic community building and environmental sustainability. We will study basic business accounting and explore the transformation of Silk Roads societies through globalization.  We will learn about different economic models and will visit a Native American Reservation in LaPush to learn about the non-profit enterprise sector and gift economy.

In winter quarter we will participate in the Lunar New Year celebrations with Vietnamese and Chinese communities. Our study will combine theory and practice and include an extended research project on local or international social entrepreneurship, as well as offering the opportunity to 'study abroad' virtually.

In Spring quarter students and faculty will reimagine how business, community, arts, and culture can create a socially just, sustainable, inclusive world, a world where people and environment are integrated in a balanced, healthy, creative, symbiotic relationship. Students in the program will work internationally with students in India, China, and Vietnam conducting research, making art, developing business plans, and envisioning a world of cooperation, beauty, and thriving.

Students will have the option of enrolling for 8 or 12 credits each quarter. In winter, the 12-credit students are expected to perform in-service learning projects with a local or international non-profit social enterprise (e.g. non-governmental organization, non-profit enterprise, cultural centers). In spring, 12-credit students will perform in-service learning projects.


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