Applied Planning and Policy


Summer 2021 First Session
Senior - Graduate
Class Size: 20
2 Credits per quarter
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Planning for the future is critical to the overall progress of the community. This dynamic online learning community will focus on the intersection of policy and its impacts on planning decisions. Throughout the applied portion of class, equity will remain a common theme, including the outcomes of incorporating equity structures as well as consequences for not utilizing a well thought out strategy. Through an analysis of planning principals combined with economic and community development foundations, students will participate in discussion of new approaches and tools used to analyze public policy, build scenarios and provide recommendations based on assets in the community. An interactive live online component will provide the class forum and then an independent project building on the application of applied techniques will expand an understanding of data analytics, technology tools available for planning and strategies to intersect planning and public policy. 


Course Objectives 

  1. Demonstrate KSA’s related to Planning and Public Policy 
  2. Synthesize praxis of Planning and Public Policy 
  3. Understand applied principals of planning and public policy related to positive social change and equity 
  4. Experience professional techniques in public participation, policy scenarios and planning techniques. 
  5. Utilize planning/public policy tools/software and apply to specific scenarios 
  6. Understand the multiple stakeholders and political landscape associated with community development 
  7. Learn about national planning trends and how they translate to local community efforts  


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15 grad/5 upper division undergrad

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Sat June 26, 9am-4pm Synchronous/Zoom, Sun June 27 Online Asynchronous, First Session

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