Applied Innovation in the Public Sector (Online Hybrid class)

Summer 2019 (Second Session)
Daytime Weekend
Day and Weekend
Class Size: 20
Credits per quarter

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Taught by

Trevan Square
public administration

Building on the previous class Government and Innovation-Advancing Our Communities (however not required in order to register), once the foundation is built within institutions and stakeholders on building an innovative infrastructure, understanding the application of an entrepreneurial strategy is the next step in moving an innovation strategy forward. Application of entrepreneurial strategies to disrupt current public service delivery models, understanding the current entrepreneurship ecosystem and merging into this discussion is critical for public administrators and entrepreneurs. Case studies will be used to help develop an understanding on current approaches to innovation, unique challenges addressed by the public sector and its intersection with entrepreneurship. This class will follow a hybrid approach focusing on rigorous in class discussion and the completion of an independent paper providing critical thought and understanding of the topic area.

Learning objectives

  • Current understanding of innovation in the public sector
  • Understanding the ecosystem with entrepreneurship and public service delivery innovation
  • Entrepreneurial application of public service delivery
  • Public policy development supporting entrepreneurship
  • Current knowledge of public service innovation, stakeholders and concepts

Registration note: Graduate students use CRN 40116, Jr-Sr use CRN 40117


Credits per quarter

Online learning:
  • Hybrid Online Learning - This offering delivers 25 - 49% of its instruction online, rather than via face-to-face contact between you and your instructors.
Class Standing: Junior–Graduate
Class Size: 20
Daytime Weekend

Scheduled for: Day and Weekend

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First meeting:

Friday, August 2, 2019 - 1:00 pm
SEM 2 D2109 - Seminar

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Aug 2-3, Fri 1-5p, Sat 9a-5p, Online Hybrid Class

Located in: Olympia