Applied GIS: Environmental Science (C)

Winter 2021
Sophomore - Senior
Class Size: 25
4 Credits per quarter
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Geographic Information System (GIS) is an extremely powerful tool for archiving, manipulating, analyzing and displaying spatial data. It is used in all field that utilize geographic data: ecology, hydrology, land-use planning, public health, and many others. This course provides an introduction to ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS Online, the two most common GIS platforms used in the public and private sector, and covers file management, importing data, spatial analysis, coordinate systems, editing and joining data, remote sensing, 3-D analysis, and cartography. Synchronous and asynchronous lectures and labs will be scheduled to allow maximum flexibility. Weekly labs will allow students to gain competency in using ArcGIS and prepare them to complete an independent mapping project by the end of the quarter.


Students should have access to a computer and reliable internet for synchronous activities. All lectures, assignments, and learning materials will be posted to Canvas, and Zoom will be used for synchronous activities. Students will be expected to attend their synchronous ArcGIS Pro 3-hour lab session because we will be using Computer Application Lab (CAL) computers remotely. Any student that is interested in the course but whose schedule will not allow them to attend the synchronous sessions should contact the faculty by email to discuss options (


Section (A) lab time: Tuesday 1-3:50pm

Section (B) lab time: Tuesday 6-8:50pm

Section (C) lab time: Wednesday 9-11:50am



Students must be familiar with Excel and file management in the Windows environment. Previous GIS experience is not required.

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So - Sr (4): 20252

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This course will provide foundational understanding of ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS Online.  These platforms are industry standards that will benefit students interested in any study or career that involves spatial data and mapping.

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Class Standing
Upper Division Science Credit

Upper division science credit will be awarded to those students that demonstrate a strong understanding of the content covered and complete an independent GIS project.


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