Algebraic Thinking

Fall 2020
Day and Evening
Freshman - Senior
Class Size: 24
4 Credits per quarter
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Algebraic Thinking is an entry-level math class designed for students who are returning to math after a time away or for those who wish to strengthen their understanding of math before taking precalculus. In order to build a strong learning community, students will benefit from bi-weekly live virtual instruction with the faculty in addition to faculty developed videos and resources.   Algebraic Thinking develops problem-solving and critical-thinking skills by using algebra and mathematics to solve context-based problems. Problems are approached algebraically, graphically, numerically, and verbally.  Students will engage in a thorough exploration of functions and function notation as well as linear, quadratic and exponential functions, and right-triangle trigonometry. 

Though the course will taught remotely, collaborative learning will be a fundamental component of the course.  Reliable internet access and a graphing calculator, or other graphing software, are required for the course.  Students are encouraged to have a camera-enabled device, a small dry-erase board, and markers. Students should expect 2 hours per week of synchronous meetings using Zoom, Canvas, YouTube and Mathematica. Students will have access to alternatives to synchronous (in person or remote) participation if conditions require.



Good understanding of high-school algebra

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Students should have strong numbers sense and a good understanding of high school algebra or its equivalent.

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(4): 10242

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Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Education, Economics

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Day and Evening
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