Adventures in Archaeology: Introduction to Field Methods

Summer 2021 First Session
Freshman - Senior
Class Size: 25
8 Credits per quarter
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This class will introduce students to the science, methods, and theories of archaeology, both locally and globally, and prepare students for work in "the field" (or, archaeological fieldwork). For the local component, we will meet archaeologists in our region, and learn about projects, collections, museums, and cultural centers in the Pacific Northwest. For the global component, we will examine the material remains of past civilizations, including architecture, artifacts, mortuary remains, and written sources. A main focus of this class will be on learning methods of archaeological field work, including non-intrusive remote survey and the use of satellite imagery, field survey, and excavation. Students will also gain familiarity with artifact analysis and data gathering and processing methods. This class will also consider the history of the discipline and the ethics of archaeological inquiry.
All program work will be done online, using Canvas and Zoom, or individual, in the case of field notebooks or local field trips. If possible, optional field trips to regional sites and museums, and possibly limited work in the archaeology lab, will be planned. In order to succeed, students should have an internet-connected computer or laptop with a working camera and microphone, and be prepared to be in class synchronously during regular class hours.
This class assumes no prior knowledge of archaeology, and will be of interest to any student wishing to learn more about the ancient world, history, or who is interested in pursuing archaeological fieldwork in the future. Variable credit options for this offering are possible, and should be discussed with the instructor.

This course will also be available to any students wishing to study 100% remotely.  Please consult with the faculty for further information.


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