Advanced Writing: Capstone in Literary Arts and the Humanities

Spring 2020
Junior - Senior
Class Size: 50
16 Credits per quarter
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This upper-division capstone writing workshop provides students with a forum for extended practice in creative writing, literary criticism, critical research, or hybrid works. It offers space and community for students to bring their work in progress to presentable, submittable, or publishable quality. The workshop is intended for students who have significant college-level experience in working creatively and critically with texts, and who are committed to advancing their writing professionally.

Throughout the quarter, students will develop and maintain a portfolio consisting of: writer’s statement; project proposal; evidence of preliminary research; writer’s methodology; peer review worksheets; and final revised, polished work. This program will meet four times a week, with weekly activities consisting of: in-class drafting/workshops, conferences, seminar, peer critique groups, student-led writing café.



Students should have completed at least one upper-division, writing-intensive program through which their project was started. Priority enrollment will be given to students who have completed Foundations in Literary Arts or the equivalent. 

Application Process/How to Enroll:

  • An application consisting of: one-page statement on your prior training and education at Evergreen, a paragraph-length statement summarizing your chosen writing sample, 5-10 pages of a writing sample of the actual writing project you wish to develop during this capstone, and your goals for further developing your piece in this capstone.
  • Email application materials to: AND with subject heading: Application for LA Advanced Writing Application for Spring 2020
Spring 2020 Registration

Signature Required

Open to students who have a substantial draft-in-progress and wish to further revise, prepare, and polish for presentation, submission, publication. A 5-page sample of that draft must be included in the program application. All applications must be received by March 9th, 2020. Please submit to faculty via email. Decisions on admission will be made by March 23rd, 2020.

Course Reference Numbers

Sr (16): 30247
Jr (16): 30248

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Preparatory For

Writing, literature, publishing, and transmedia-arts. Capstone programs give students the support to further develop a major project of their own invention—open to all kinds of writing, but especially important for those students interested in pursuing an MFA or a career as a writer.

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SEM 2 B2105 - Workshop