Advanced Projects in Ceramic Arts and Mixed Media Sculpture

Spring 2022
Junior - Senior
Class Size: 12
16 Credits per quarter
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This program is for intermediate to advanced students who are ready for intensive full-time work in theory and practice in the Ceramic Arts or in Mixed Media Sculpture. Students will have an opportunity to pursue individually driven work with the benefit of program demands and structures to help scaffold their projects. This program provides an opportunity to plan and realize a project, complete visual research, and write papers appropriate to their topics. We will share research through presentations, work intensively on studio work, and participate in demanding weekly critiques. Professional development for students who are thinking of graduate school, professional work in the visual arts, visual arts internships, or art education at any level will be provided. By the end of the quarter, students will produce a cohesive body of work for a final exhibition.

This will be a hybrid program (part in-person and part remote) due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In order to successfully participate in this hybrid learning course, students will be required to access the art studios on campus for workshops. The in-person work will be 85% of the program. For the other 15% (remote synchronous learning), students will need access to high-speed internet and a computer. We will be using Canvas and Video Conferencing (Zoom) to support our remote work. Students will not have access to alternatives to in-person or synchronous participation in this program.



At least 48 credits of college-level visual arts courses

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Students must apply to this program to obtain a faculty signature. Students should meet with the faculty on Zoom at the spring Academic Fair (March 2, 2022, 4pm-6pm) to get the application for the program. Or students can email the faculty: for the application.

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Jr - Sr (16): 30314

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