Advanced Electronics in Music II

Winter 2021
Sophomore - Senior
Class Size: 18
4 Credits per quarter
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In Advanced Electronics in Music II, students will continue their work from Fall Quarter, focusing on the musical innovations of 20th and 21st-century Western music. Through weekly 2-hour synchronous Zoom meetings, students will have regular lectures, listening, and analysis seminars and will participate in critique of their advanced projects in composition. Students will continue to develop analytic skills for thinking and speaking critically about their own work and the work of others. This quarter, students will continue to use digital audio workstations to complete advanced projects both individually and collaboratively. Students will need access to a computer with sufficient processing power to edit and play sound files on a digital audio workstation. Professional digital audio workstations can be used and purchased by students themselves or free alternatives will be listed by the faculty. New students are accepted, however, students wishing to join in the winter quarter will be expected to complete a catch-up assignment. If students are unable to attend synchronous sessions, they can work with faculty to pursue alternate options for obtaining credit. Please contact the instructor for more information.


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Please contact the faculty for a course application. Preference is given to students continuing from the fall quarter of “Advanced Electronics in Music I.”

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So - Sr (4): 20095

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Students may choose to purchase a professional digital audio workstation (Ableton, Pro Tools, etc.) or use a free alternative listed by the faculty. 


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