Advanced Art of Mixing and Producing I

Fall 2021
Sophomore - Senior
Class Size: 20
4 Credits per quarter
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This program is now meeting fully in-person instead of hybrid. Contact the faculty with any questions.

This course begins with the introductory and fundamental topics of audio studio production. Students will start with an exploration into the understanding of studio acoustics and its effect on music and sound production. Students will learn advanced studio signal flow of mixers, read spec sheets, analog and digital recording chains, gain stages, and sound transduction from source to acoustic reproduction.  The course will introduce students to microphone application and stereo recording techniques as it applies to Orchestral Hall spaces.

This quarter will focus on utilizing the API 1608 console and Pro Tools for recording productions. Students will work in groups for recording exercises and are encouraged to recording themselves and others. Studios come equipped with basic instrumentation such as drum kits, amplifiers, and grand pianos.

This course is taught using Canvas for lectures, hands-on class projects, and listening exercises using various streaming platforms. By the end of the course, students will understand, operate, and provide basic troubleshooting in audio studio productions.


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Accepts students who completed the prerequisite course, Audio Fundamentals and Mixing Techniques I, II, III. Equivalent coursework or prior experience will be considered. Please email the faculty with a brief description of related experience and/or education.

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So - Sr (4): 10150

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Music Industry, Sound For The Moving Image and Video Games, Live Sound Reinforcement, Sound Reproduction for Audio Books, Podcasting, and Journalism.

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$50 required media fee

Special Expenses

Students will have access to a certain amount of hours per week to the studios, necessary gear, computers, and software. It is recommended that students also have a personal computer that meets the Pro Tools system requirements, purchase a student license to Pro Tools, and iLok License Manager for additional remote work.


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