Abroad at Mondragon and Evergreen: A Collaborative Experiment?

Spring 2019
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Class Size: 25
25% Reserved for Freshmen
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Feminist Theory, Cultural Studies

How are two historically innovative and collaborative-based institutions of higher education dealing with current economic challenges, particularly the changes characterized as neoliberalism?   This program will use a field study approach informed by the digital humanities to explore and document first-hand one innovative model of collaboration—teampreneurship. We'll focus on teampreneurship as developed in Finland and used by Mondragon University’s MTA program, both at home in the Basque area of Spain and abroad--including with us at The Evergreen State College--as an antidote to the oft-reported “individualistic, empathy-lacking, and market-driven” character of entrepreneurship.  What will this real-life enterprise approach teach us about both the contemporary business and the original mission of education at Evergreen and Mondragon?


In addition to engaging in teampreneurship on campus with Mondragon’s visiting Team Academy of international students and staff, students will have an opportunity to study abroad to experience the cultural, political, and economic context of teampreneurship’s adaptation at Mondragon University. This three-week (15 May – 5 June) study abroad in the Basque area of Spain will include an introduction to Basque history and visits to the world’s largest corporation of cooperatives.  From the heartland of Guernica -- known around the world due to Picasso’s painting of the 1937 fascist market bombing -- to industrial coops and sheepherding, from the Guggenheim and Arizmendi Museums to a renewable energy coop and cooperative banking, we’ll immerse ourselves in Basque communities.  We’ll eat at a Txokos (traditional gastronomic society) and visit farming coops and farmers’ markets. Given that the sharing of good food is quintessential to Basque culture our experiment regarding Mondragon abroad and at home will include learning to prepare and share pintxos (small bites) at Evergreen.


Note: This program is part of a collaboration, providing opportunities for students to learn with Mondragon’s Team Academy at the Evergreen campus and to travel abroad to Mondragon. Other collaborating programs include: SOS: Food and Agriculture; Alternatives in and to Capitalism (AltCap); SOS: Team Entrepreneurship, Leadership, and Innovation; and Mondragon Team Academy. 

Study abroad:

Study abroad (with Alternatives in and to Capitalism program) from 15 May - 5 June to the Basque Area of Spain

Special Expenses: $800 airfare and $50 ground transport   (Estimated expenses students will cover themselves)

Required Student Fee:  $3350   (Fee covers group expenses for services organized by college)

Administrative Fee:     $400  (Nonrefundable deposit to cover administrative costs of running study abroad)

This offering will prepare you for careers and advanced study in:

Community Studies and Organizing, Education, Leadership and Innovation, Government and Non-Profits


Credits per quarter

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Class Standing: Freshman–Senior
Class Size: 25
25% Reserved for Freshmen

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Monday, April 1, 2019 - 9:30 am
SEM 2 E3109 - Seminar

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