Abnormal in a Normalized World

Spring 2021
Freshman - Senior
Class Size: 50
12 Credits per quarter
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This 12-credit program provides a survey of mental health problems, including anxiety disorders, mood disorders, addiction and substance abuse disorders, the schizophrenias, and personality disorders. The program curriculum asks, What does it mean to be “normal” and who decides? How has history and culture affected our perspectives on abnormality? What are clinical characteristics of mental disorders and how are they assessed? What role does treatment play in addressing psychological disorders? How do we separate facts from myths surrounding psychological disorders?

This program will not simply present a checklist of symptomology. Through contextualization and bio-psycho-social perspectives, students will develop critical thinking skills as applied to theories, assessment, and treatments relevant for each disorder. Students will also be encouraged to consider the role of stigma in mental illness. In this exploration, students will gain an understanding and appreciation of how to live a healthier life. Lectures, workshops, seminars, and films help to further contextualize program texts.  

To successfully participate in this program, students should have access to reliable internet during synchronous class meetings, an internet-enabled device (computer, tablet, or smart phone),  the required texts (online and/or hard copy), and writing and note-taking supplies.  Students should expect our remote teaching to be a 70%/30% blend of asynchronous (self-paced) and synchronous (real-time) work using Canvas and Zoom.  Students will have access to alternatives to synchronous participation if conditions require.


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So - Sr (12): 30200
Fr (12): 30203

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The intention of this program is to prepare students at the levels of theory and practice for further study and work in the fields of human services and education.

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