21st Century Photography

Summer 2020 Second Session
Freshman - Senior
Class Size: 15
8 Credits per quarter
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This class is an introduction to photographic expression using contemporary photographic techniques and will explore the usage of photography and some video with emphasis on online publishing and through social media.

In these times of the pandemic, we all work differently than before. This is certainly true in photography, where artists are developing new strategies for creating forms of visual communication. For example, some photographers are using systems like Facetime or Zoom to create portraits as a substitute for sharing the same physical space. The class will have a private Facebook group page for presenting and commenting on work.

It is unclear what our exact situation will be August, so flexibility is key! 

All students should have free access to the Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Lightroom, etc.) If this proves to not be the case (it's up to Adobe,) the photographer's package is only $10 per month.

Students will learn basic camera operations, effective lighting and composition. Expect to gain access to online tutorials to keep you on track, as well as direct access to your instructor. 

Class requirements include scheduled assignments, an online presentation based on the work of one photographer, and a final project consisting of new, photographically-derived, digital body of work.

Campus Access
It may be possible to gain at least limited access to the campus state of the art digital lab, color printers, and lighting studio. If available, these opportunities will be optional.


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Second Session (8): 40074

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photography, art, picture editing, teaching photography and media, photojournalism

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$10 (per month) may be needed for Adobe's Photographer's package 


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