Information for Employers

Employers, you've come to the right place. At Evergreen you can find the perfect employee, volunteer, or intern for your business or organization.

Posting a Job or Internship

Post a job or internship on the Community Opportunities Database (CODA), including part-time, full-time, seasonal, or temporary jobs, tribal and veteran opportunities, volunteer positions, and paid or unpaid internships. 

First, check and see if your company already has an account through CODA. If you don't have an existing account, create one by following the CODA guide and policies. The Career Development Center reviews and approves all full-time job postings. The Student Employment office reviews other postings.

If you have a flier, we can also post it on our job announcement board.

Recruiting on Campus

The library lobby is open for tabling whenever campus is open. If you bring your own table and chair, there's no charge. If the weather is nice, you can set up outside.

If you are searching for an intern or volunteer, consider attending Evergreen's annual Community Opportunities & Internship Fair.

Contact the Career Development Center for more information.

Why Hire an Evergreen Graduate or Student?

With a combination of leadership skills, the capacity to think analytically, and strong communication abilities, Evergreen students and grads are highly sought after.

Learn about some of Evergreen's accomplished alumni.

Because of Evergreen's interdisciplinary, team-taught programs and seminars, students and grads have an inherent inclination to think beyond the immediate, and can gauge how things work together as a whole.

Teamwork is at the top of their skill set. At a traditional college, grading on a curve pits students against one another. Evergreen students learn that by working together, everyone gets better. A culture of seminar discussion gives our students experience in discussing, evaluating, and defending ideas with their peers.

Evergreen's system of narrative evaluations is much closer to the real-world experience of receiving feedback from supervisors. It's not about points, it's about knowing your strengths and weaknesses, and making an effort to improve and grow. And if you can take the time to read an applicant's transcript, you'll come away with a good picture of their experience and work ethic.

Evergreen graduates and students are eager to learn, create, and show you what they've got.