Monday, October 02, 2023

Ham Radio FCC license Class: Ham Radio Classes

3:00pm - 4:50pm
Purce Hall 5 - Classroom

FCC Ham Radio licensing prep class. Ham radio learning through classroom experience and with test prep textbook. Class taught by OARS (Olympia Amature Radio Society). Learn how to operate a ham radio for emergencies, recreation, and for the enjoyment of technology that does not go down when power, cell phones, and the internet go out.  6 2-hour classes, licensing test given on the last day of class, overseen by licensed observers from OARS. FCC license will provide legal operations and personal identification to each individual, preparing them for the use of ham radios in real emergency management events and for recreational use. Classes are free. Students will need to purchase a study guide, testing fee, and licensing fee separately. Costs for fees and text are less than $60. Come engage in ham radio experiences, who knows, you could make a new friend to talk to on the other side of the world!

For more information contact: Jackie LaVerne - TESC Emergency Management Coordinator @

Email with any questions!
02/10/23 03:00pm - 02/10/23 04:50pm