SAL Use Policy

Revised June 15, 2016

The Sustainable Agriculture Lab is a food grade laboratory. It is also certified by the USDA as a food processing kitchen, and is used for processing certified Organic products. As such, it is important to maintain its food grade status and general safety by adhering to the following policy:

Access and general use

  • Occupancy shall not exceed 40 people (including students, faculty, and staff)
  • Faculty and students must receive an orientation before using the space
  • Faculty or staff will be present during lab and are responsible for locking up all of the equipment at the end of lab
  • Farm staff (non student), SITs and current faculty will have keyed access to lab and storage cabinets as needed; cabinet keys are issued through the SSC manager
  • Students and student aides shall not be issued a cabinet master
  • Program/farm aides may have building fob access, limited to program and prep times
  • Project students may, with Science Operation Manager approval:
    • receive limited fob building access
    • receive designated individually locked storage space
    • check out SAL equipment for use only in SAL following the SAL Equipment Procedure

Equipment, materials, and specimens

  • All chemical reagents must be food grade; non-edible chemicals must be approved by Science Operations Manager
  • No containers, equipment, instruments, or chemicals from the lab buildings may be brought into the SAL
  • SAL equipment will not be removed from the lab except under rare circumstances, and then only with prior approval from the Science Operations Manager
  • Only certified organic soil can be brought into the SAL unless vetted by Science Operations Manager
  • Insects to be examined in the SAL will be killed by freezing in a food safe freezer or alternative approved by Science Operations Manager
  • Soil is OK in cooking ovens, but ovens must be cleaned at the end of each usage, and prolonged usage outside of scheduled lab slots needs to be prearranged with other programs
  • No animals, including service animals, are allowed in SAL due to food processing license requirements
  • Use of tray above mudroom lockers (e.g. for growing plants or culturing mushrooms) must be agreed upon by all scheduled users of the space and approved by the Science Operations Manager


  • Soil and food waste must be put in the compost, not down the drains
  • Counters and sinks must be kept clean and clear of all materials (with the exception of drying racks and the locked-down balances) between classes, unless pre-approved with all other faculty scheduled in the space
  • After use, all equipment needs to be cleaned well enough to eat out of it, and returned to the appropriate cupboard/drawer
  • If you accessed a locking cupboard/drawer it is essential that all items are inventoried and the door is relocked
  • Everything left in the fridge-freezer must be labeled with program, name, and hold-until date
  • All users must follow the “SAL Clean-up Exit Protocol” found on wall by doors in the main room
  • All users will complete an end of quarter clean-up