How to Reserve the Lab

The Sustainable Agriculture Lab is set up as both a full kitchen and a laboratory. It can be used for lectures, workshops, and social gatherings, or any combination of all these functions.

Before You Use the SAL

Everyone using the SAL needs to go through an orientation beforehand. The length and content of your orientation depends on how you’ll be using the facility.

You must follow all rules listed in the Use Policy and posted in the facility.

You are responsible for cleaning the space and all equipment before you leave. See the Cleanup and Exit Protocol for details.


Some uses may require rental or staffing fees. You may also be charged an additional fee if you do not properly clean the space and equipment before you leave.

Contact the Science Operations Manager at for more information.

Faculty Academic Program Reservations

If you will be using the SAL for an entire quarter, use the academic space scheduling process through Space Scheduling. For shorter-term uses, please use the SAL space request form.

You will need to schedule a pre-orientation for yourself before the first day of class and an in-class orientation for your students on their first day in the SAL. Contact your support staff to schedule your orientations.

Other Reservations

Faculty, staff, students, or community members may request a reservation of the space for non-program purposes by submitting the online request form.

To schedule the required orientation before the beginning of class or event contact Jenna Nelson at Depending on the activities planned, an orientation for the participants may be required at the beginning of the activity.

Priority is given based on the college's Space Usage policy.