Academic Programs

Students work across disciplines in the Sustainable Agriculture Laboratory, combining craft and analysis to understand the entire food system.

Highlighted Upcoming Programs

Practice of Organic Farming

Students in this program learn hands-on small organic farm and CSA management, including biology and business planning. This programs uses the lab for soil and plant lab work and for value-added produce processing. Runs Spring, Summer, and Fall quarters each year. Read more about Practice of Organic Farming in the college catalog.

Students cook one-pot meals in the Sustainable Agricultural Lab

Students in the program Food, Health and Sustainability cook one-pot meals in the Sustainable Agricultural Lab.

Food, Health, and Sustainability

Practice of Organic Farming

Ecological Agriculture

Students will take a holistic approach to agriculture, including genetics, botany, hands-on farm exercises, community work, and food policy. Offered Fall, Winter, and Spring 2017–18. Check the the 2017-18 catalog for details.