How To Register Steps

Review the steps how to register online from your my.evergreen account.

Prior to Registration Week:

  • Check your time ticket by logging into your my.evergreen account.
  • Click on "Registration" then on "check time ticket, status, and overrides".
  • Your time ticket will have your class standing information as well as the date your register and any holds on your account.

The screen will look like this:

Image of registration screen displaying student's time ticket

How to register:

  • On the morning of registration, have your list of programs/courses on hand with correct CRNs.
  • Before your registration window opens at 8:00 a.m. log into your my.evergreen account and go as far into the registration process as possible.
  • Click on "Registration".

The screen will look like this:

Image of where to find link to Registration in my.evergreen account

  • Click on "Register for and/or Drop Classes Here"

The screen will look like this:

Image of where to find link to Register for and/or Drop Classes

  • Select Term by using the drop down arrow to find the correct registration term, then click "Submit".

The screen will look like this:

Image of where you will find the registration term drop down list

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  • Once your computer says 8:00 a.m.,  hit "Refresh" on your browser and you should go into the Add/Drop screen.
  • Input the CRN for your first choice program/class. (Be sure you have the correct CRN for your class standing, registration term and catalog year.)
  • Click "Submit".

The screen will look like this:

Image of where you input the CRNs to add a class during registration

  • See if under "Status" it comes back as "Student Registered via the Web".
  • If so, you are done!

If you get an error:

  • If it comes back and says "Registration Add Errors" with an exclamation point within a red circle, it means:
    • All open seats have been filled (most likely); or
    • An incorrect CRN was used for your class standing

The screen will look similar to this sample:

Image of sample of a Registration Add Error

The waitlist:

  • If the registration error says "closed - # waitlisted" you must take additional steps to add yourself to the waitlist!
  • To add yourself to the waitlist, click the "Action" drop-down, select "Wait Listed" and click  "Submit".
  • Repeat the registration process, going down your list until you get registered for one of your choices.

The screen will looks similar to this sample:

Image of what the registration error screen may look like if you need to add yourself to the waitlist

Waitlist management:

  • If you get your first choice program, never put yourself on a waitlist.
  • The purpose of the waitlist is that you are telling the registration system that you prefer to be in a particular program.  If a spot opens in the wait listed program and your are the next person in line, it will automatically drop you from your current program and register you into your wait listed program instead.
  • If you have more than one program wait listed or if you have multiple part-time offerings wait listed, you'll want to prioritize the wait lists using the "Waitlist Preference Form".

The screen will look like this:

Image of the wait list preference form

Check your enrollment:

  • The Registration page has a link that says "Student Registration Details", click on it.
  • Then you should be able to see everything that you just did:
    • What you are registered for
    • What you are wait listed for and your wait list position number.

The screen will look like this:

Image of where to find your Student Registration Details in your my.evergreen account

If this information is inaccessible to you, please contact Academic & Career Advising for assistance with the registration process. Call (360) 867-6312 or stop by our office in Library 2153.