Vision, Values and Alignment


  • Supporting Evergreen’s long-term success in balancing access for Washington residents with the realities of our existing and potential revenue streams.
  • Enhancing Evergreen’s unique position and appeal as a public, interdisciplinary liberal arts college.
  • Building sustainable income streams that underwrite teaching and learning at Evergreen inside and outside the classroom.
  • Cultivating the college’s most valuable and powerful strategic relationships with donors, alumni and friends.


With a spirit of professionalism, and in an environment that encourages teamwork and personal growth, Advancement maintains a commitment to these values:

  1. Excellence: We take pride in our work and strive for the highest quality.
  2. Innovation: We empower ourselves and others to be risk-takers and reach beyond the current paradigm; we are open to change and creative, new ideas in fulfilling our mission.
  3. Continuous Learning: We understand the principles and concepts underlying our work and take initiative to learn and inform others of established and emerging “best practices” within our varied disciplines.
  4. Transparency and Accountability: As stewards of the public trust, we ensure that promises to our supporters are fulfilled and that we are transparent in our practices.
  5. Ethical Action: We adhere to high ethical standards; our work is underpinned by trust, honesty and integrity; and we respect privacy and confidentiality. We cultivate a working culture that eschews blame and simultaneously encourages accountability for one’s actions.
  6. Relationships and Customer Service: Positive, lifelong relationships underpin the work of our division and therefore we strive to ensure that all of our relationships receive an appropriate level of care and attention.
  7. Collaboration: Our work is driven by collaboration with partners on and off-campus, therefore our working practice is driven by a spirit of collaboration.
  8. Return on Investment and Efficiency: We always take a measured, analytical approach to ensure that we achieve the maximum return on investment for our time, financial and intellectual resources.
  9. Personal Initiative: Team members exhibit leadership qualities regardless of their position in the institution and take personal initiative in order to deliver the best outcomes for our constituents and for the college. Attachments