Western Undergraduate Exchange Policy

WUE recipients are responsible for knowing and understanding the details and limitations of their award.

Initial Eligibility

  • The WUE program at Evergreen begins Fall Quarter 2019 for freshmen who meet all the eligibility requirements. At this time it is not available to transfer students or graduate students.
  • “Freshmen” is defined as a student of any age that has not earned college credit after graduating from high school. Students who have earned credit through a college-in-the-high school program or through exam may qualify for WUE as long as all credits were earned prior to high school graduation.
  • A high school cumulative GPA of 3.5 at time of admission, documented on an official transcript, is required for eligibility. Enrolling students must submit a final high school transcript. If a student’s cumulative high school GPA has fallen below 3.5, Evergreen reserves the right to revoke WUE tuition rates.
  • WUE tuition is available only to freshmen applying for fall quarter admission.
  • Admission and WUE can be deferred once, for up to one year. Contact the Office of Admissions for information and instructions on how to defer enrollment.

Continued Eligibility, Keeping WUE

You will receive WUE tuition each quarter if you meet all of the following criteria:

  • You are an admitted degree-seeking Evergreen student. 
  • You are enrolled full-time with a minimum of 12 credits per quarter. 
  • You meet Evergreen’s Academic Standing Requirements. 
  • You meet the residency requirements detailed below.
  • Should you take leave from Evergreen for more than a year you will need to re-apply for admission, and you will no longer be eligible for the WUE tuition.

Time Limitations

  • WUE tuition rates are renewable for up to 225 attempted credits under the same policy and provisions as financial aid limitations.  
  • WUE must also be used within six years of a student’s first quarter of enrollment. 
  • WUE tuition does not apply to summer quarter enrollment.


  • WUE students are considered non-resident students and are not eligible for Washington State aid programs or scholarships limited to Washington residents.
  • Dependent Students: You and your family must continuously maintain legal residency in one of the 16 WUE states or territories to receive a WUE tuition award. 
  • Independent Students: You must continuously maintain legal residency in one of the 16 WUE states or territories to receive a WUE tuition award.
  • Dependent and Independent status is defined by federal financial aid regulations.  Visit studentaid.ed.gov for information. The Office of Admissions may ask for documentation to verify residency in a WUE state or territory to determine eligibility.
  • WUE tuition rates will end immediately upon the college determining a student no longer meets residency requirements. Once terminated, WUE cannot be re-established.
  • Time spent in Washington while receiving WUE tuition cannot count as time towards establishing Washington State residency. 

Electing Not to Use WUE Tuition

  • Once a student chooses not to use WUE, it cannot be reversed. 
  • A student may elect not to use WUE and pay the full non-resident rate. To do so, notify the Office of Admissions in writing. 
  • A student can elect not to use WUE at any time during their enrollment at Evergreen.
  • Once notified, the College will apply non-resident tuition rates to the upcoming quarter the student registers for. 

Study Abroad and Internships

  • WUE can be used for quarters that a student is studying abroad or engaged in a 12-credit or greater credit-bearing internship, as long as Evergreen tuition is being paid. In the case that tuition is paid to another college or organization, WUE tuition rates will not apply. 

Other Scholarships and Financial Aid

  • All applicants are encouraged to file the FAFSA to check qualification for need-based aid and apply for Evergreen’s scholarships. 
  • You may be eligible to receive other forms of financial aid and scholarships, along with WUE.  However, your total amount of assistance cannot exceed your Cost of Attendance, as defined in your financial aid package.  
  • Students who use WUE are not eligible to receive a Scholastic Achievement Award.