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Evergreen employs several students to help connect with visitors, and answer campus life and academic questions. You can meet them at some of our events!

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Ambassadors introduce prospective students to Evergreen by sharing their experiences and providing information via tours, virtual hangouts, and more. You can read the job description to learn more.

If you are an admitted student and would like to apply for this paid student job, you can download the application, include your resume, and email it to Or drop a physical copy off at the Admissions Office on the first floor of Evans Hall in L1200.

Have additional questions about the application process, financial aid, options for study, or other student resources? Contact an Admissions Counselor.

Our Student Ambassadors

Dante - Student Amabassador

Dante (He/They), Hometown - Olympia, WA

I grew up a homeschooled music kid and I was struggling to find a college that would fit my needs. Luckily, Evergreen was right in my hometown and had an amazing learning style that really fit with my academic needs. At Evergreen, I am able to peruse various subject areas and learn about all of the subjects that interest me. I am currently studying for a BA/BS in audio engineering and computer science.  
Some fun facts about me: I like computers, I play the cello, and I speak Italian! 

Jadin - Student Amabassador

Jadin (She/They), Hometown - Olympia, WA

When choosing the right school, I didn't have to look far and since Evergreen is located in my home town it became my first interest. I talked to a relative that works at Evergreen and the more I heard about the choices I could make about what I want to study the more I knew Evergreen was the place for me.

Eli - Student Ambassador

Eli (She/They), Hometown - Issaquah, WA

I'm Eli, and I am fully taking advantage of Evergreen's interdisciplinary education model by studying a variety of things and connecting them to one another. My main focus is on Graphic Design, but I'm also learning about other visual arts, psychology, ecology and material science. I've had so much fun so far combining all of my interests and increasing my knowledge. Outside of school, I like to watch cartoons, play with animals, and every once in a while I bake (not extremely well) I love dragons and art, and telling awful dad jokes! 

Matilda - Student Ambassador

Matilda (She/They), Hometown - Riegate, South London, UK

During my college search I was most focused on finding a school that allowed me to explore my personal and academic interests simultaneously. My time at Evergreen has helped me look at my future as a combination of my skills and interests, and encouraged me to build upon my experience to build my future. I am currently studying public policy, political science, and government relationships, alongside food systems and agriculture, and I spend my time on the Evergreen Organic Farm and in the Daniel J. Evans Library. I love to go to local music shows, get new tattoos, bike and hike in the Evergreen woods, and watch Malcom in the Middle. Hope to see you on campus soon! 

Natasha - Student Ambassador

Natasha (She/They), Hometown - Lyndon, WA 

When looking for a school, I didn’t want a typical university experience. I wanted the freedom to do what I want, and to do what feels most beneficial for my future. I’m a humanities student, I’m studying a conglomeration of history, literature, and language arts, with a focus on art history and the French language. I’m studying to eventually be a librarian, after my time at Evergreen, I’ll be pursuing a Master’s in Library and Information Science. Part of my decision to come to Evergreen was also wanting to move away from my small town in northern Washington. Olympia is everything I was looking for, big enough to be interesting, but not overwhelming. I currently live on campus, which helps me feel connected to the community, and it keeps me close to nature. 

Abi - Student Ambassador

Abi (She/They), Hometown - Denver, CO

I’m studying biology, but as of right now, nothing is finalized. I heard about Evergreen through the track coach and I’m a runner for the school in the 100m and 400m hurdles. The campus and woods really drew me into the school, I love going on hikes and getting lost on the trails and seeing the wildlife. 

Maikol - Student Ambassador

Maikol (He/Him), Hometown - La Lima, Honduras

I am From Honduras and moved to Burien WA about 8 Years ago. Hablo Español! I’m studying Sociology and Latinx Studies at Evergreen. I chose to come to this college since students can control what they want to study. The alternative education method of Evergreen has helped develop different pedagogies for my future career. 

Trinity - Student Ambassador

Trinity (Any Pronouns), Hometown - Grew up in the military

Naturally, as an Evergreen Ambassador I am always prepared to show possible new Greeners around the lovely campus. In the past, I have done work with international students as an RA, so I seem to have a passion for taking roles that involve students. There are just many things that I wouldn't want people to miss out on here at Evergreen. So, if you have any questions, feel free to ask. 

Hangout with our Ambassadors

Talk to several of our students at the regular Student Hangout Q&A Panel.  You can learn more about the event and register on the event info page. Or sign-up directly via our Visit Page at


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Connect with an Ambassador – Virtually

We offer a live virtual information session "Evergreen in a Clamshell" every weekday. Hosted by two Student Ambassadors to answer your questions, and provide a virtual tour of campus!

If none of the time slots work for you, email and we'll try to arrange a 1:1 information session with an Ambassador or Admissions Counselor.

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