Evergreen Adapts to COVID-19 - Transcript

This transcript was used for the captions in Evergreen Adapts to COVID-19 (Vimeo Video).

Welcome to Evergreen!

I’m Wade Arave, Director of Admissions, and I’m ready to show you how campus is adapting this fall to ensure your health and safety as you continue to reach your educational goals.

Let’s go.

This year, Evergreen will offer a mix of remote and hybrid academic programs.

Faculty have been working tirelessly to adapt Evergreen’s unique education model for an online learning community.

Remote courses will take place entirely online.

Faculty will actively guide small groups of students through lectures, workshops and seminar discussions.

Hybrid offerings will also take place primarily online, but will include some in-person components, such as labs, art/media studio instruction or outdoor activities on-campus.

This fall, almost all of Evergreen’s courses will take place completely remotely, with very limited exceptions.

As official health and safety guidelines evolve, you may see an increased number of hybrid opportunities over the course of the year.

To give you an insider’s view of how your classes are going to work, let’s hear from some faculty!

My name is Dylan Fischer. I’m a forest ecologist here at The Evergreen State College, and this quarter I’ll be teaching the program “Forests,” which is a 16-credit upper division science program on forest ecology, forest management and how humans interact with these marvelous spaces.

The unique element that Covid introduces is that students will focus more on working in their own individual plots.

They’ll watch the transformation in that plot from late summer through early fall and along the way they’ll learn to do every forest measurement that is standard.

It’s kind of a blessing in disguise that in a forest ecology program we get to spend all our time out in the field, and then when it comes to lectures, we get to kind of modularize that.

I’ll be preparing a series of lectures for you that will be online and available whenever you need to watch them.

They’ll be paired with quizzes that you’ll take right afterwards.

And then discussions that will be remote that we’ll all participate in but you can participate in from wherever you are.

If you can’t be here in person, then our remote options are going to work great for you.

I’ll work with you as a student to figure out a plan for a local forest that you want to survey.

You will be doing the same measurements and learning the same things that students on campus are learning but you can do it in a remote spot. So it’s adaptive that way.

What matters about an education? It matters that you get a chance to understand the material.

That you get a fair shot at learning the material. That you have time, have people that care.

That you have space to do it, and you have a community to form bonds with.

All of that is still with us, here at Evergreen, even in the Covid era.

You want to know more about forest ecology – I’m here to help you do that.

And I see my role as kind of a full-time consultant that you’ve hired to take you on that journey.

And so, I’ll be here with you whether that’s here, or whether that’s afar.

Hi! I’m Nancy Koppelman. I teach history and American Studies.

Hi! My name is Nathalie Yuen, and my background is in developmental psychology.

Nathalie and I are teaching together this fall a program called “What are Children For?”

And it’s a program that combines the study of developmental psychology from Nathalie’s fund of expertise with my fund of expertise in American Social History.

The content can be a vehicle for building organizational skills, and study skills, and critical thinking skills by having students purposefully create notes and draw connections between, not only within psychology and within history but also connecting the two together.

Another thing I’ll say about the online learning environment, the remote learning environment, that I was not expecting, is that the time together is even more precious in a way.

Nobody’s taking it for granted.

It’s precious time, and it’s scarce time – and it really helped us all to stay sane through these difficult times, to have a learning community to be a central spine of our lives.

So, we’re really looking forward to that.

Thank you Dylan, Nancy and Nathalie.

Evergreen’s online catalog is the best place to find out how your faculty will be adapting specific programs this fall.

Use the quick filters to easily identify programs that will best fit your individual needs at evergreen.edu/catalog

If you need help, you can connect with an academic and career advisor via email, Zoom or text.

Visit evergreen.edu/advising to learn more.

If you’ll be staying with us on campus this fall, you’ll be assigned a single-occupancy room in one of our numerous apartment buildings.

Each apartment can accommodate four to six students who will share a common bathroom, kitchen and living space.

Each apartment will be provided with cleaning supplies to help residents keep the space germ-free.

The Housing Community Center will remain open throughout the year.

This is your place to pick up mail, do laundry, or shop for food at the POD Marketplace convenience store.

In the event that a resident starts to show symptoms of Covid–19, Residential and Dining Services will help that individual relocate to a designated housing unit where they will be able to self-quarantine in comfort.

Throughout this pandemic, Evergreen will continue to follow national, state and local guidelines.

Your health and safety is, and will continue to be, our highest priority.

It all starts with monitoring your individual health.

Every Greener will fill out a Health Verification Form each time they plan to physically come to campus.

Once here, you must wear masks and maintain a six-foot distance from all others.

You can check out the health verification form along with our latest health and safety guidelines at sites.evergreen.edu/covid19/

Evergreen’s track record of innovation has prepared us to adapt nimbly in this unprecedented time.

We’re committed to helping you reach your education goals in whatever way works best for you.

Go far while staying close, here at Evergreen.

Visit evergreen.edu today to register for fall classes.