Transit Fee Pause FAQ

Why is the Transit Fee pausing?

Intercity Transit is implementing a zero-fare demonstration project, and everyone will be able to ride the buses and Dial-A-Lift services operated by Intercity Transit for zero-fare, including Evergreen students. During this time the Transit Fee will pause. The demonstration project is expected to last five years starting January 1, 2020. Intercity Transit has a website and FAQ for additional information about the five-year project:

Will I continue to be charged a separate Late Night Shuttle Fee by Evergreen?

There are two different transit fees charged to Olympia-campus students. The larger, daytime Transit Fee will be paused for the duration of the zero-fare project. Students will continue to be charged the smaller Late Night Shuttle Fee.

What is the Late Night Shuttle Fee, how is this different?

The Late Night Shuttle Fee ensures that students have access to safe transportation after regular transit hours between downtown Olympia and The Evergreen State College. Intercity Transit refers to this as the Nightlight route, and it is not included in the zero-fare demonstration project. Nightline operates Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, and more information about this route is available here:

Will pausing the Transit Fee impact my financial aid package for the remainder of the academic year?

No, financial aid packages will not be impacted due to this change.

Do I still need a quarterly sticker for my Evergreen ID?


Why do I need a sticker for my ID?

The sticker validates your ID and informs others of your current enrollment status as a student. Multiple places on and off campus use the sticker to validate your student ID card.

Where else is the sticker used?

On Campus there are multiple offices that use the sticker, which include the Recreation Center, Student Activities, Media Loan/Services, and Labs. Also, many organizations off-campus use the sticker such as local businesses, food places, and movie theaters which have programs to support college students in our community, such as offering a discount when presenting a valid student ID with the current sticker.

When/Where do I get the sticker?

Stickers are available now, at the registrar or student accounts in the Library, on the first floor during business hours.

Where can I learn more information about the Zero Fare Demonstration Project?

Intercity Transit has a website and FAQ for additional information: