S&A Board

The Evergreen Services and Activities Fee Allocation Board is a group of nine students hired during Spring and Fall Quarter to distribute approximately $1.8 million dollars of student fees collected annually. In addition to the nine voting students, the board also hires two non-voting members, a Coordinator & Office Manager, to help facilitate. While most colleges have some kind of student funding board, most are composed of administrators and faculty as well as students. Here at Evergreen, students are truly in charge of S&A fees.

The S&A Board is housed on the 2nd floor of the CAB. S&A Board meetings are generally open to the public and are held on Mondays and Wednesdays during college-recognized governance hours (3-5pm).


FY21 Operational Budgets Are Now Available! (updated March 2020)

This form provides space for you to tell the story of your group, the events and activities you hope to do, and asks for any back up documentation you would like to include for the S&A Board to see.

Summer Requests:

Available only for Registered Student Organizations who have a Coordinator that is ENROLLED in Summer Classes. This option is for funding to be used in Summer Quarter.

Fall Requests:

What will you need in order to get your club up and running in Fall? The following may be helpful to consider:

Printing budget (money for flyers and other outreach material), Event Costs, Potential Travel, Stipend Requests:

Stipends will only be funded for Summer and Fall quarters.

Please utilize the RSO Stipend Guide to determine the appropriate level to request.


Operational Budget Instructions

Operational Budget Form

Operational Budget Worksheet

Special Initiative Budgets Are Now Available! (Updated October 2019)


​Steps to applying for a Special Initiative Budget:

  1. Become a Registered Student Organization.
  2. Download the Special Initiative Budget Packet (available below).
  3. Carefully read the Special Initiative Budget Instruction Sheet.
  4. Work with your RSO advisor to create your budget.
  5. Submit your budget documents to the S&A Board.
  6. Schedule an S&A Board Hearing.
  7. Present your budget to the S&A Board.

Special Initiative Budgets allow Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) to apply for funding starting mid Fall Quarter.   Funding is available on a first come, first serve basis.

All budget documents must be submitted electronically to the S&A Board.  For additional questions or accommodations, please feel free to contact the S&A Board at 360-867-6221 or saboard@evergreen.edu.

Special Initiative Budget Packet:

Special Initiative Budget Instructions

Special Initiative Budget Form

Special Initiative Budget Worksheet

Make sure to carefully read the Special Initiative Budget Instructions before beginning your budget application process.

Both the Special Initiative Form and Special Initiative Worksheet must be submitted to the S&A Board in order for the application to be seen as complete.


Learning Allotment Renewal Request:

Student groups are generally funded for a Learning Allotment for only Fall Quarter.  In order to receive a learning allotment for the remainder of the academic year, RSO's will need to submit a Learning Allotment Renewal Request Form.  Due dates and deadlines for submitting this form are posted on the S&A Board Office door.

Learning Allotment Guide

Learning Allotment Renewal Request Form

Additional S&A Board Information: