Green Screens (TV Displays)

Green Screens are the TV screens in the College Activities Building (CAB) and the Library. Creating a Green Screen ad is a great way to get the word out about your events and activities.

What Can Be Advertised

Events and activities of official student organizations and campus offices may be displayed on the Green Screens. Only one ad will be accepted for each event or activity.

What May Not Be Advertised

  • Personal events and sales (birthdays, yard sales, parties)
  • Political or union campaigns
  • Sales or activities from off-campus vendors or organizations

Submit Your Ads

Ads can be displayed at any time of year, updated weekly. Plan ahead to make sure people see your ad.

You must be officially associated with the event, group, or office to submit an ad.

Information to include

  • The full name of the sponsoring organization
  • Event name, location, date, and time
  • Contact information
  • Cost or registration requirement

Display format

  • PowerPoint (.ppt or .pptx) and image files (.jpg or .png) are accepted. (Download a PowerPoint template.)
  • Files should be in 16:9 ratio, with a preferred dimension of 1280x720.
  • Minimum font size is 24pt.

Final discretion of content is determined by Student Activities. Any images or materials that are used are the responsibility of the submitter. If needed, we may ask you to provide documentation that copyrighted materials are used with permission.

Send us your Green Screen submission.