Responsibilities for Accessible Course Content

Faculty, support staff, and access services all have responsibilities to make curricular content accessible.

Faculty Responsibilities

As the subject matter expert and course developer, the faculty member, in consultation with appropriate support staff, will:

  • Use Guidelines to Web Accessibility when creating or preparing instructional materials.
    • Use accessible documents that follow appropriate guidelines.
    • Design clear and consistent navigation.
    • Write alternative text descriptions for images.
    • Write math and science with LaTeX MathType or Libre Office.
    • Retain original files (Powerpoint, Word, etc.)
  • Supply Access Services with course materials upon request for an accommodation.
  • Review accessibility of technology and electronic materials used in course with assistance from support staff as needed.
  • Develop a plan for making inaccessible program content accessible.

Staff Responsibilities

As support to faculty and students, support staff in Academic Technologies, the Library, and Access Services will:

  • Assist faculty with replacing or reformatting course materials and legacy documents for timely accommodation.
  • Assist faculty with checking accessibility of required software and electronic course materials.
  • Offer training sessions or one-on-one consultations for faculty.
  • Develop training materials. Point faculty and staff to current resources.
  • Review courses for accessibility and provide feedback and support to faculty.
  • Host, procure and/or replace materials, software, systems, and applications that meet accessibility standards and guidelines when possible.

Access Services Responsibilities

As a student resource, with expertise in alternative formats and assistive technologies, Access Services will:

  • Review documentation of disability and determine student eligibility for accommodation.
  • Lead efforts to ensure students are appropriately accommodated.
    • Notify faculty when an accommodation is required.
    • Supply students with an accessible format of the textbook.
    • Provide alternative format of PDFs, math/science and publishers PPTs.
    • Administer other reasonable auxiliary aids and services.