How Studies Work

We don’t tell you what you have to take. You determine your course of study by choosing programs that fit your goals. Near the end, if you want, you can decide what to call it.

Create Your Own Adventure

You create your own course of study by choosing programs that fit your goals. You can choose from 60+ fields of study.

Like all of these subjects? You can mix and match as you see fit. That’s because…

We Don’t Tell You What You Must Study

As you continue your education, you can focus and connect what you learn into an area of emphasis. This is sort of like declaring a major, but you get to decide what that is and how you get there.

Illustration of an Evergreen student

My area of emphasis is Art, simple as that!

Illustration of another Evergreen student

Mine is History of Spanish Speaking Countries!

Illustration of a third Evergreen student

Mine is Macrobiological Effects on Ecological and Economic Systems!

Prerequisites are based on your skills and level of knowledge, not on class requirements. This means you’re not stuck in boring, unrelated classes just to take the program you want. If you’re transferring from another college, we have one of the most generous transfer policies in the nation for four-year colleges!

Traditional student: “I’m switching from Theater to Foreign Language. Now I gotta figure out my new major requirements, and I won’t graduate for another year!”

Evergreen student: “I like sociology, but discovered that I love natural history. Thankfully, my area of emphasis easily evolves with me.”

It also means you can complete your education faster and pay less in tuition costs!

Your advisors and faculty help you plan how to meet your graduate school or professional goals. You’ll reflect on your development through your Academic Statement.