SURF Faculty Information

Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships (SURF) help faculty advance their creative and scholarly work by matching them with capable undergraduate research partners.

Faculty Proposals

Summer '23 applications are due January 30th, 2023 at 5:00 PM, which is Monday of week 4 of winter quarter.

Applications are open!

Successful faculty proposals will demonstrate significant research questions and methods, the progress expected with the placement of one or more fellows, and meaningful experiences for undergraduate researchers.  Fellows are intended to serve as junior partners, not mere assistants, in the enterprise. 

Faculty may submit more than one proposal for a SURF project, but no more than one will be chosen for placement of a student fellow unless there is a shortage of other viable projects

The deans will review all proposals and communicate any issues or concerns with the proposer. The deans may disqualify a faculty proposal if it doesn't adequately reflect the intent and structure of the SURF program. 

You can find general information on the SURF Overview page.

Two students on a farm plant converse as they plant tomatoes

Fellowship Overview

Fellows work an average 20-hour work week over the 12 weeks, with flexibility to match the intensity of project requirements. They are not hourly employees and will not be required to complete timecards.

More than one faculty member can work together on a given proposal. Individual faculty may also submit more than one proposal, but no more than one will be chosen for placement of a fellow unless there is a shortage of other viable research projects.

These projects should reflect real-world research questions and subjects that the faculty member wants to make progress on and that support professional mentoring. Successful proposals will be concise and understandable to a general audience and  clearly support collaboration between faculty and students.

Faculty Eligibility

  • Pre-retirement permanent and adjunct faculty are eligible to submit proposals.
  • Adjunct faculty, at the time of project selection, must have a contract to teach at Evergreen for the following academic year.
  • At the time of selection, faculty participants must meet the requirements listed under “Eligibility for Professional Development Opportunities” in the current Evergreen/UFE Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Faculty Sponsor Responsibilities

  • Provide guidance and occasional facilitation for a weekly gathering of SURF fellows.
  • Attend both an opening reception in June and a closing celebration with student presentations in the October.
  • Mentor students on projects without financial compensation. The primary incentive for faculty is to accomplish the research proposed with support from undergraduate research fellows.
    • Faculty will have a $500-per-fellow budget for project expenses.

Student Application, Review, and Selection Process

  1. Faculty projects are selected in February. 
  2. Students are asked to speak directly with the faculty leaders of projects they are interested in. 
  3. Students apply for fellowships on up to three different projects. Placements will be limited to one per student. Applications are due in March.
  4. Student applications will be collated and provided to faculty members to prioritize their top applicants. 
  5. Deans will review faculty member prioritization and place fellows in April. 

Fellow Selection Notes

Depending on the numbers of proposed faculty projects and student applications, it may not be possible for every proposed project to receive a fellowship placement. The deans may also decide to award teams of two fellows to particular projects when the proposed research experience and the quality of the students applicants appears to warrant such placements, even if that leaves some projects without placements.