Student Capstone Fund

The Student Capstone Fund provides financial support for capstone project materials.

A capstone project is a culminating learning experience for students, typically in their last year or so of college. Capstones include projects that culminate in a final research project, creative project, presentation, or performance.  

Funds are available to undergraduate and graduate students (see below) to be reimbursed for materials related to carrying out a capstone project. Awards are typically between $250 to $350. Student applicants must have a faculty sponsor. 

Spring applications are open. 

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Deadline for spring capstones is April 21st, 2023 at 5 pm.

Application and Selection

The Academic Deans review and evaluate applications based on the award guidelines and criteria listed below. Applications are due Friday of Week 3 at 5 pm, but we encourage students to apply early. Awards will be made as soon as possible and (no later than the end of Week 5) of each fall, winter, and spring quarter.  

Award Criteria

  • Capstone projects can include art projects and exhibitions, scientific research, video and film productions, theatrical productions, student literary magazines, and other projects.  

  • Capstone projects must be carried out in conjunction with an academic program or independent learning contract and all projects must have at least one faculty sponsor. (The student must be enrolled at Evergreen for at least 4 credits during the quarter(s) the project is conducted). 

  • Capstones can only be applied for once per academic year (if you apply in fall 2022, you can't apply in spring 2023, but you can apply in fall 2023).

Limitations and Special Conditions

  • Travel costs are not funded. Please apply to the Student Travel Fund.

  • When possible, students are encouraged to utilize the library for any resources needed to complete their capstone projects, including books, films, and journals. Students can find books and films that the library owns by searching for them in the library catalog. Materials that the library doesn’t own but can borrow from other libraries will also show up in a catalog search and can be requested.

    If you’d like to request that the library purchase a book or film that they don’t already own, you can use the Purchase Request Form. Use the ‘Other Notes’ field to mention the item is for a capstone project. Once the item arrives it will automatically be placed on hold for you and you will be notified to pick it up at the library circulation desk.

  • The Capstone fund will not cover class fees, class supplies, or study abroad fees.

  • Equipment is not funded (i.e., items that will continue to have significant “shelf life” after the end of the project, such as computers, cameras, GIS instruments, external hard drives, etc.). 

  • Ethical and safe research. Projects involving human subjects, animal use or collection, use of hazardous substances or radiation, or other activities that could affect public health or safety, will need appropriate permission from the Human Subject’s Review committee, or appropriate safety personnel.  

  • Use of campus land or facilities must have approval from the appropriate college committees or personnel prior to submitting project requests. 

  • There is no capstone grant funding for summer quarter.

For Master of Environmental Studies students, please apply directly through the MES program

If your application is approved for fall or winter quarter, you should submit receipts for reimbursement by the end of the quarter for which the capstone is completed. You must submit receipts for imbursement by June 5, 2023. This deadline is especially close for students with spring Capstone grant funding. 

If you have questions about whether your project would be appropriate, email us at