Climate Action and Sustainability Grant

The climate action and sustainability grant funds faculty research on climate and sustainability topics with significant student involvement or benefit.

The deadline for 2022-23 proposals has passed. It was January 19, 2023 (week 2) at 5:00 PM.

The Climate Action and Sustainability Grant is for faculty research projects that can include any field of research that significantly relates to sustainability or climate action. Examples of research activities this can support include field sampling, focus groups, workshops, lab analysis, archival analysis, exhibition, and more.

Funds are available to support research including lab costs, student employment, data access, travel and faculty salary. Grants are usually funded up to $2,500.

Application and Selection

This grant will be reviewed by a subset of the CCAS Advisory Board. A total of two projects will be funded per year.

Award Criteria

  • Applications should be no longer than 500 words and include: a project description, a budget justification, and a description of the relevance to climate action and sustainability.
  • Applications will be judged on quality, relevance, clarity, and impact.
  1. Quality: How well is the research project described? How well does the applicant describe the methods, ethics, and theoretical framework guiding the project?
  2. Relevance: Does the topic significantly include a focus on climate action and/or sustainability? Does the applicant describe these connections in detail?
  3. Clarity/completeness: How clear is the purpose, scope, justification, and overall research topic? Does the applicant make the research project description accessible and digestible for the committee?
  4. Impact: What are the implications of this research for Evergreen students, local community, scientific research, and society at large?
  • Projects must include some student involvement such as research experience, seminars with students, distribution of research materials, or other modes of student involvement.

Limitations and Special Conditions

  • We do not fund the purchase of computers.


If you have additional questions please email