Success After Evergreen

Evergreen graduates find success in careers, service, and graduate schools across the globe.

Careers in Arts, Media, and Entertainment


“Every Picture Tells a Story”

Matt Groening ’77
Lynda Barry ’79
Craig Bartlett ’81


“Trabajando para Usted”

Jaime Méndez ’95


“Behind the Awesome”

Macklemore ’09

Katy Evans ’07

Filmmaking is really connected to the way Evergreen teaches students to think and collaborate, work together.

Katy Evans ‘07, Assistant Director of The Grand Cinema and Tacoma Film Festival

Careers in Law, Government, and Politics


“Planning Tomorrow’s Cities”

Gil Kelley ’79
Eric Engstrom ’91


“A Conversation with Denny Heck”

U.S. Representative Denny Heck ’73

Ariel Taylor ’11

At Evergreen I learned how to write, how to think, and how to really fine tune how I organize my thinking on a page.

Ariel Taylor ’11, Policy and Communications Director at King County Council

Careers in Environment and Sustainability


“The Conservationist”

Jeff Hardesty ’79

Photo courtesy of The Nature Conservancy.


“Greening the Region”

Kirk Haffner ’88
Dever Kuni ’12
Ben Alexander ’82

Katie Rains ’08

I was jumping through all of the hoops for my degree, but realized that I wasn't really directing my education. When I came to Evergreen I wanted to start driving my college experience more fully.

Katie Rains ’08, Executive Director of GRuB

Careers in Science and Health


“A Head Start on Influencing the Future”

Christen Cannon ’14
Jana Fischback MES ’14


“Unlocking the Story of a River”

Brian Footen MES ’01

Danica Parkin ’08

The best nurses are ones that have other passions and experiences that inform their world view.

Danica Parkin ’08, Nurse Practitioner

Careers in Business, Entrepreneurship, and Technology


“Flying High”

Halle Hutchison ’88

Photo courtesy of Alaska Airlines.


“The Market Strategist”

Brett Redfearn ’87

Seth Kirby ’01, MPA ’07

Evergreen is where I developed many of my youth leadership skills. There’s nothing more important than investing in our future.

Seth Kirby ’01, MPA ’07, Executive Director of the Oasis Youth Center

Careers in Education, Non-Profit, and Social Justice


“Teaching to Change the World”

Wayne Au ’94, MiT ’96


"Rallying the Motherhood Movement”

Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner ’91


“Through the Greener Lens”

Ray Goforth ’95

Korbett Mosesley ’11, MPA ’15

It’s an honor to serve people in the community I grew up in and work on initiatives to help low-income families become financially stable.

Korbett Mosesly ’11, MPA ’15, Director of Family Stability Initiatives at United Way of Pierce County

Lynda Weinman founder, Lynda Weinman.

In the News: Lynda Weinman, Techie Entrepreneur

Lynda Weinman ’76 is a respected Web graphics and design veteran who has been at the forefront of Web development since its infancy.

Weinman epitomizes the power of interdisciplinary education. After graduating from Evergreen, Weinman opened two retail shops in California and later became an animator for the movie business. This move led to an early fascination with personal computers, which she embraced for her animation work, and, from there, she began teaching computer graphics and writing how-to books. Finally she started the online learning business, which she recently sold to LinkedIn for $1.5 billion.

What Evergreen teaches is ‘find what you’re interested in and impress us.’ The whole emphasis is on finding your calling, finding what moves you, finding your passion.

Lynda Weinman, founder of

Professional Success

You can find Evergreen alumni everywhere. They work at Microsoft and Apple, as college professors and kindergarten teachers, as legislators and lawyers and political activists, as doctors and vets, in Hollywood, and in field biology research stations.

Graduate School Success

Greeners have gone to graduate programs at a variety of prestigious institutions including Harvard, Columbia, Stanford, and MIT.

They’ve gone to medical school at Johns Hopkins and Oregon Health and Science University; to law school at Georgetown and NYU; and to art school at RISD and San Francisco Art Institute.

Many Greeners also go on to get advanced degrees here at Evergreen in Environmental Studies, Public Administration, and Teaching.

More alumni stories can be found in The Evergreen Magazine. The Alumni Entrepreneurs Directory features more than 500 graduates running their own businesses.

Why do Evergreen Grads Succeed?

  • They were surrounded by bright, talented, creative classmates eager to engage with their faculty and each other.
  • Their faculty provided insightful evaluations instead of grades, which can translate into detailed letters of recommendation.
  • Interdisciplinary academic programs allowed them to study multiple disciplines under a single theme.
  • They were challenged to go beyond traditional thinking, imagine new possibilities, and put their ideas and knowledge into action.
  • Individual Learning Contracts (ILCs) provided upperclass students the opportunity to explore customized studies or internships while earning credit.

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