50th Anniversary Style Guide

Here are some branding resources to help celebrate Evergreen’s 50th anniversary.
50th Anniversary Style Guide
50th Anniversary Style Guide (download pdf below)

You can add 50th anniversary messaging to your communications, use the brand mark in your email signature, and more. To add branded language to your communications, look through the boiler plate messaging and pull sentences or words you think your audience(s) will connect with most. The messages are modular, meaning you can mix and match them to address the ideas you want to convey. A short 50th anniversary style guide is included as a reference for common Evergreen topics and general writing tips. 

You’ll also find visual guidelines in this document for using the brand mark. Consistency across our communications is important, so please follow the guidelines presented in the pdf and the readme file included in the brand mark package. 

If you have questions regarding these documents, contact 50@evergreen.edu