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Buddhist Psychotherapy 
Reference: 2013-AABLXX
Organization: (Private) 
Requestor: Imamura, Ryo    6148 Click to create a vCard file to load into your address book 
 Meetings Before Today
   Date Start Time End Time Location Comments
5p   Fri Jul-26-2013  06:00 PM  09:00 PM  (private)  
    Fri Aug-02-2013  06:00 PM  09:00 PM  (private)  
    Fri Aug-09-2013  06:00 PM  09:00 PM  (private)  
    Fri Aug-16-2013  06:00 PM  09:00 PM  (private)  
    Fri Aug-23-2013  06:00 PM  09:00 PM  (private)  
   Date Start Time End Time Location Comments
6a1   Sat Jul-27-2013  09:00 AM  04:00 PM  (private)  
    Sat Aug-03-2013  09:00 AM  04:00 PM  (private)  
    Sat Aug-10-2013  09:00 AM  04:00 PM  (private)  
    Sat Aug-17-2013  09:00 AM  04:00 PM  (private)  
    Sat Aug-24-2013  09:00 AM  04:00 PM  (private)  
   Date Start Time End Time Location Comments
6p1 retreat orientation   Sat Aug-24-2013  03:00 PM  05:00 PM  (private)  
   Date Start Time End Time Location Comments
 Sun Jul-28-2013  08:00 AM  04:00 PM  (private)  
    Sun Aug-04-2013  08:00 AM  04:00 PM  (private)  
    Sun Aug-11-2013  08:00 AM  04:00 PM  (private)  
    Sun Aug-18-2013  08:00 AM  04:00 PM  (private)  
    Sun Aug-25-2013  08:00 AM  04:00 PM  (private)  

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