Mission and Vision

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Our Mission

Our mission is to support Evergreen writers of diverse abilities and identities by cultivating confidence, skills, self-awareness, and agency at every stage of the writing process through peer-to-peer collaboration.


Our Vision

We envision a Writing Center…
...where all students feel that they can lay claim to the identity of “writer” 
...where all students leave each session with increasing confidence in their next steps
...with a reputation for providing valuable support services for the Evergreen community
...that is accountable for its failings and is constantly working towards growth and improvement
...that serves the authentic needs of students and provides them with useful resources 
...that engages the dynamic tension between equitable student access to the language of power and recognizing the validity of writing in “Multiple Englishes”
...where the staff is representative of the community we serve 
...that collaborates with other on-campus support services to serve students
...where all students across diverse abilities and identities feel comfortable and empowered to use the Writing Center
...that holds the institution accountable to continually engage in the pursuit of equity as it relates to student writing