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About Cultivating Voice: A Tutor's Craft

Students interested in becoming a peer tutor at the Writing Center are required to take a two-credit course, Cultivating Voice: A Writing Tutor's Craft, offered every Spring.  Cultivating Voice is also offered as a four-credit, Spring quarter course.  Please refer to the Academic Catalog for the current academic year for more information.

Cultivating Voice combines readings, reflective writing, seminar, and a practicum to prepare students to become peer tutors in the Writing Centers. In seminar, students explore tutoring theories, examine the role of a peer tutor and develop effective tutoring practices. In the practicum, students will observe peer tutoring and graduate to supervised tutoring. The course also will address racial and social justice in serving and working with a diverse group. Students considering graduate school in related fields like education, creative writing, and literature will benefit from this training.


Cultivating Voice

For current CV students!

News and Updates for Class

May 12th - Syllabus updated and posted; new reading posted; new video posted

April 7th - Updated syllabus posted

Syllabus and Prompts

Syllabus [PDF]
How I Write prompt [PDF]
My Tutoring Philosophy prompt [PDF]

Course Readings

Week 1

Writing as a Process and The Writing Grid [PDF] - Sandra Yannone (Inkwell 2, 2007)
But I Write the Way I Talk [PDF] - Marissa Luck (Inkwell 6)

Week 2

The Idea of a Writing Center [PDF] - Stephen North (College English, 1984)
Tutoring as a Radical Act [PDF] - Victoria Larkin (Inkwell 1, 2006)
Writing as a Communal Act [PDF] - Natalie Goldberg (Writing Down the Bones, 2005)

Week 3

Beingstorming [PDF] - Grant Miller (Inkwell 2, 2007)
Drafting: How to Ride a Dinosaur and Look Good Doing It [PDF] - Ian Ettinger (Inkwell 2, 2007)
"I Don't Know, What Do You Think?" [PDF] - Mary Kallem (Inkwell 8, 2013)

Week 4

The Orbital Region: Re-envisioning [PDF] - Dory Nies (Inkwell 2, 2007)
Mt. Edit [PDF] - Alejandra Alreu (Inkwell 2, 2007)
Becoming Reader [PDF] - Meghan McNealy (Inkwell 2, 2007)
Another TBA

Week 5

Ask Leticia - Leticia Nieto (Colors NW, 2006) (Links to the author's website; series of three articles in PDF format.)
The Classroom and The Wider Culture [PDF] - Fan Shen (College Composition and Communication, 1989)

Week 6

Feedback from First Grade [PDF] - Sandra Yannone (Inkwell 2)
Responding to Student Writing [PDF] - Nancy Sommers (College Composition and Communication, 1982)

Week 7

Everyday Racism [PDF] - James A. Baldwin ()

Week 8

Tutoring When the Writer Does Not Have a Draft [PDF] - MacAndrew, Reigstad, and Strickland (Tutoring Writing, 2001)
Women's Work Around the Fire with Foreword [PDF] - Anya Albers, foreword by Trevor van Dyke (Inkwell 6, 2011)

Week 9

No Class - Memorial Day

Optional Video: Writing Across Borders Link 1, Link 2, Link 3 (Links to YouTube)

Week 10

Cultivating Voice [PDF] - Alex Eisenberg (Inkwell 7, 2012)


Cultivating Voice II

For current CV II students!

News and Updates for Class

Coming Fall 2014...

Syllabus and Prompts

Coming Fall 2014...

Course Readings

Coming Fall 2014...