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Utilizing Program Tutors

We can arrange for tutors to be available to facilitate writing activities, such as peer review workshops, in your program. If you would like a tutor available on a regular, weekly basis, we can best accomodate this request with notification before the beginning of the quarter. Please note that our ability to provide a tutor for in-program support is dependent upon scheduling and it may not be possible to honor your request (though we will do our best!) Please contact us to request an in-program tutor.

While our program tutors are trained to give some background about the Writing Center, please keep in mind that the message that the faculty sends is equally, if not more, important. We suggest that visits to or work with the Writing Center be completely integrated with your program. The attitude and wording used to announce the Writing Center's participation within your program can make or break an entire quarter's worth of visits. Please consider carefully how you announce our involvement.

Tutors are also available to facilitate workshops from our Workshop Series as part of a program. We expect that faculty will attend in-program workshops to answer questions about assignments and program logistics. Writing Center policy dictates that faculty and staff requesting workshops must pay for any required materials from their program budget. Please contact us to request a workshop and find out about needed materials.

The main goal of our tutors is to assist writers in becoming more confident and proficient. Tutors give feedback, offer suggestions, discuss writing strategies, and emphasize the importance of a solid writing process. Tutors are not teachers or evaluators; a tutor is a peer who assists writers as they grapple with the act and art of writing. While writers may be working on a specific assignment within a session, the outcome of the session may not immediately demonstrate improvements in that student’s writing. Because we value writing as a process, our primary concern is encouraging better engagement in the act of writing rather than trying to improve a single piece of work.

A note about privacy: Any information that writers provide to the Writing Center for our use is considered confidential and used only to schedule and track appointments. We do not disclose records of appointments to faculty because it undermines the Center/writer relationship.

Learning Resource Specialist

Michael Radelich is the Learning Resource Specialist at The Evergreen State College. He is a professional staff person hired to work with writers who have needs beyond the capability of a typical undergraduate tutor. Michael can work with writers who might be described as “developmental” writers. He has undergraduate degrees in mathematics and English, a Master’s degree in English, and a Ph.D. in American Literature and Writing. He has been a college-level teacher for thirteen years, and a private tutor in writing, literature, physics, chemistry, biology, SAT & ACT testing preparation, languages, history, and mathematics for over fifteen years.

Michael generally works with writers referred to him by any of the various Evergreen Student Support Services offices, as well as writers referred to him directly by faculty or staff members. He also will work with any student referred to him by other Writing Center tutors. He requires hour-long weekly appointments that a student keeps regularly, once or twice a week; occasionally, he will work longer than an hour if necessary and if his schedule permits.

To make an appointment, please call, email, or stop by.

Michael Radelich
Library 2304A (inside the Writing Center)
Hours: 9AM-5PM
Direct Line: (360) 867-6557
Email: Michael Radelich