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How to Make an Appointment

To make an appointment, either call us at (360) 867-6420 or come see us in person in Library 2304. You will need to tell us your last and first name as officially recorded by the college; but if you prefer to be called by a different name, please let us know! We will also need to know what program you're in, what type of writing you're bringing in, and any other notes you want your tutor to have beforehand.

At this time we are unable to make appointments online, but if you have further questions or need to make a special request in regards to your appointment, you can email us at

Our appointments begin on the hour and half hour, and last for either 25 minutes or 50 minutes depending on your request and availability. Please note that appointments do not go for a full half hour or hour, because our tutors need downtime between appointments.

What to Expect When You Arrive

When you come to the Writing Center, you will be greeted by our desk receptionist who will check your appointment, give you an Author's Note, and alert your tutor. Please note that the Writing Center shares the entrance space and front desk with the QuaSR Center (for math and science tutoring), and that the Writing Center is through the door to the right of the desk, room 2304.

You will sit down with your peer tutor at a Formica table and go over the Author's Note. This document allows you and the tutor to become acquainted, understand what is being worked on, and decide on goals for the session.

At the Writing Center, our tutors do not "fix" or "correct" your writing. Instead, they talk to you about what is going on in your writing, about your ideas, about patterns they notice, about what they find unclear, and about what they notice that works well. They can talk through ideas and arguments, and discuss strategies for technical aspects of writing. They will not tell you what to write or how to write it. You as the writer are in the driver's seat, and retain authority over and responsibility for your writing. Tutors are not experts nor teachers, but peers with knowledge and perspective to offer about writing.

You can make your appointment more effective by coming in prepared with your writing, the prompt if there is one, and a sense of what kind of feedback you want. The better you can articulate your needs the better your tutor can offer helpful feedback.