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Program Mission and Goals Statements

Learning community programs that sustain themselves over time have goals and mission statements that support—and are supported by—their home institutions. As more programs are tasked with assessing their work, articulating the goals of learning community programs becomes even more important. In spring 2012, Washington Center invited learning community coordinators to submit their mission and goals statements; the submissions we received are listed below.

Bunker Hill Community College
Mission statement and student learning outcomes

College of Charleston
First-Year Experience mission statement and goals

College of DuPage
Learning Communities Committee goals

Iowa State University
Vision, outcomes, and learning community characteristics

The Evergreen State College
Mission, Evergreen's five foci of learning, and expectations for graduates

University of Michigan
Michigan Community Scholars Program mission statement and goals

We invite other institutions to send us their work as well. Please e-mail your submissions to the Washington Center.