Integrative Learning Library

An emphasis on integrative learning can help undergraduates put the pieces together and develop habits of mind that prepare them to make informed judgements in the conduct of personal, professional, and civic life.
– A Statement on Integrative Learning, Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U)

One of the great strengths of learning communities is their capacity to foster integrative learning, an essential skill in education and the workplace. In this new era of learning community practice, intentionally designed integrative assignments are a foundational practice.

Over the past six years the Washington Center has conducted two research projects, in partnership with other institutions and co-researcher Veronica Boix-Mansilla (Harvard University Graduate School of Education's Project Zero).

The National Project on Assessing Learning in Learning Communities (2006-2008) brought together 22 two- and four-year institutions from across the country to design integrative assignments and evaluate the resulting student work using a collaborative assessment protocol.

The Reaching College Readiness project (2009-2010), funded by the College Spark foundation, involved faculty from five Washington state community colleges who designed assignments that contextualized college readiness within disciplines and fields of study.

Selected integrative assignments from both of these projects are included in this library, as well as additional assignments and resources related to the design, implementation, and assessment of integrative learning and assignments.