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About the Center

Guiding Purpose

We are for the academic success of all students. Ultimately, the measures of our success are improvements in students' persistence, achievement, and graduation rates—particularly students who are the first in their families to go to college and those who have been historically under-represented in higher education. We believe that learning communities done well help dedicated faculty, staff, and administrators create powerful learning environments where all students can succeed.

Our Work

The Washington Center, a public service center of The Evergreen State College, is a statewide resource for two- and four-year higher education institutions with a national reach and a sustained record of educational reform.

Our work is focused on:

  • Helping campus teams design and implement sustainable, high-quality learning community programs that engage and support all learners
  • Working with faculty at local, state, regional, and national institutes to design and assess integrative and interdisciplinary learning experiences for students
  • Organizing national action-research projects aimed at building the field's collective knowledge and skills on the foundational practices of learning communities done well
  • Designing intensive curriculum planning retreats and consultations aimed at strengthening classroom and institutional practices
  • Helping campuses find qualified consultants to support their work
  • Providing professional development, technical assistance, and developmental evaluation for national reform projects
  • Expanding connections between campuses and communities through projects like Curriculum for the Bioregion

As the National Resource Center for Learning Communities, the Washington Center organizes the National Summer Institute on Learning Communities, assists with the development of regional learning community networks, offers an online integrative learning library, hosts the learning communities directory and the LEARNCOM listserve, and publishes Learning Community Research and Practice, a biannual, peer-reviewed electronic journal.