TRiO Programs @ The Evergreen State College

TRiO Programs

TRiO Programs are federally funded grants designed to improve college access and graduation rates for individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds, specifically low-income individuals, first-generation college students, and individuals with disabilities.

The Evergreen State College’s holds three TRiO grants as part of our commitment to work with low income, first generation students and students with a documented disability. Our offices are located within Student and Academic Support Services (SASS) on the second floor of the Library building. 

TRiO Student Success

We provide holistic support that empowers our students to persist and graduate at greater rate than those who don’t use our services. Students who have a document disability, or are low income or first generation college students targeted to serve and assist low-income individuals, first-generation college students, and individuals with disabilities to progress through the academic pipeline from middle school to postbaccalaureate programs.are eligible for this program .

Upward Bound

–  As The Evergreen State College’ high school outreach program our program goals are as simple as they are daring; all of our students will graduate high school, attend college and graduate with a bachelor’s degree and minimal debt within  6 years.  All of our students are either low income or committed to being the first in their family to graduate from college. Over 80% are both.