TRiO/KEY Eligibility

TRiO/KEY Student

Once you fill out the application and find out you are eligible for the program, what's next?

TRiO/KEY cannot officially admit all eligible students. Of the 180 participants, the grant requires that 120 students qualify as first-generation and low-income, 20 students be first-generation, 20 students be low-income, 13 students have a documented disability, and 7 students be low-income and have a documented disability. To maintain these proportions it is possible that students will be placed on a waitlist until space becomes available in the program.

TRiO/KEY has designed several opportunities for students to receive services and support while they are on the waitlist and once they are officially admitted into the program.

All Eligible Students (accepted and waitlisted)

Officially Admitted TRiO Students

  • You will be expected to fulfill the TRiO Requirements during every quarter you are enrolled.
  • You can take advantage of free, one-on-one tutoring in subject areas including math, science, computing, and foreign languages.
  • You may qualify for additional federal aid.
  • Once there is space on the waitlist and you are regularly participating in our services, you will be matched with a Academic Specialist who will meet with you for an informal intake interview to learn more about your background, interests, concerns, and needs. They will work closely with you to follow your progress until your graduation from Evergreen. You may schedule individual appointments with them during times that are convenient for you.

Requirements for Officially Admitted Students

  • Meet with your TRiO/KEY Academic Specialist twice per quarter (more if needed and/or desired).
  • Attend one event or workshop per quarter.