TRiO/KEY Academic Need

To enroll in TRiO/KEY, you must qualify as having an academic need. The twelve academic needs are listed below: 

TRiO/KEY Student

  1. Low High School GPA - GPA below 2.8
  1. Low Admissions Test Scores
  1. Predictive Indicators (at least 2 factors must be present): Transfer student having attended 2 or more schools Student without a support system Single Parent Failing Grades Working more than 20hrs/week Student commutes to school over 40 miles per day round trip Upside down program Non-traditional curriculum Health issues (physical, emotional, sexual identity, etc.)
  1. Diagnostic Test: Learning Disability Documentation Must be on file with Access Services for Students with Disabilities
  1. Low College Grades Conditional admit On academic warning/OR returning from required academic leave New transfer student w/ a transfer GPA below 2.8 Academic or career goals require high GPA/evaluation
  1. High School Equivalency
  1. Did not earn 75% of attempted credit for a quarter or more at TESC or failed class(es) at previous institution.
  1. Student has been out of academic pipeline for 5 years or more.
  1. Limited English Proficiency
  1. Lack of Educational or Career Goals
  1. Lack of Academic Preparedness for College Level Coursework
  1. Need for Academic Support to Raise Grade/s in Required Course/s for Academic Major