Enduring Legacies

The Enduring Legacies Project is a three-year project funded by the Lumina Foundation.

The "Enduring Legacies Project" seeks to create a more seamless pathway to a bachelor's degree for Native American students in Washington State. Consisting of multiple institutional and tribal partners, the project aligns courses and resources from a dozen different community colleges and The Evergreen State College. For students in isolated Indian reservation communities, learning communities are merged with on-line courses provided through the Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges. A consolidated associate's degree will be awarded through partner Grays Harbor College. To promote more seamless transfer and greater success in The Evergreen State College Reservation Based/Community Determined upper division program, students enroll as a cohort. Further, both students and faculty participate in an inter-institutional learning community, including workshops.

To deepen student, faculty and Native community engagement, the project will redesign existing courses and develop new curriculum and culturally relevant case studies to be shared at multiple campuses. Finally, the project will use an external evaluator to seek to demonstrate the project's impact on students and identify best practices and lessons that can inform policies in Washington state and elsewhere.

For further information contact:

Michelle Aguilar-Wells, co-director, Enduring Legacies Project at aguilarm@evergreen.edu

Jeff Antonelis-Lapp, co-director, Enduring Legacies Project at lappj@evergreen.edu

Linda Moon Stumpff, co-director, Enduring Legacies Project Native Cases Project at stumpffl@evergreen.edu

Alan Parker, co-director, Enduring Legacies Project Native Cases Project at parkeral@evergreen.edu