Meals, Lodging, Vehicle Reimbursement Rates

Washington State Per Diem Rate Map

Out-of-state reimbursement rates for meals, lodging, and private vehicle mileage.

Reimbursement Reminders

Miscellaneous travel expenses essential to the transaction of official state business are reimbursable to the traveler. 

Reimbursable expenses include, but are not limited to:
  • A traveler may be reimbursed for meal expenses only after the traveler is in travel status for three hours beyond the travelers regularly scheduled working hours for any one day. A traveler may not be reimbursed for meals during a normal workday or meals for other people.
  • Reimbursement is allowed for lodging expenses when the temporary duty station is located more than fifty (50) miles (most direct route) of the closer of either the travelers official residence or official station.
  • Daily commute transportation expenses between the travelers official residence and official work station are a personal obligation of the traveler and not reimbursable by the state. All other miles driven on official state business are reimbursable.
  • Registration fees required in connection with attendance at approved conventions, conferences, and official meetings.
  • Rental of room in a hotel or other place which is used to transact official state business. The room rental is reimbursable as a separate item from lodging when authorized by the agency head or authorized designee.
  • Mandatory fees charged by lodging facilities for items such as room safes.
  • Charges for checked baggage, if any, excluding overweight charges, for up to the first two bags on domestic flights.