Title IX

College Places for Help or Information

Many offices and personnel are available to provide information to students, faculty, staff and visitors, to receive reports or complaints, and offer support to persons affected by sexual harassment, sexual assault, or other sexual misconduct.


Office of Sexual Violence Prevention

Kelly Schrader, Coordinator
Seminar 1, Room 4121
(360) 867-5221

The Office of Sexual Violence Prevention (OSVP) provides a confidential starting point for students affected by sexual misconduct, relationship violence, stalking, and related concerns.  OSVP also provides training, workshops, and facilitated discussions on topics related to reducing the rates of violence affecting college students.


College Police Services

Seminar 1, Room 2150
(360) 867-6832


Student Conduct Administrator

Andrea Seabert
Library 3009
(360) 867-5113

This office provides objective investigation and adjudication of any alleged violation of the Student Conduct Code including, but not limited to, sexual misconduct including sexual assault, stalking, and harassment.  When appropriate, conflict resolution services can also be provided through this office and the Conflict Assistance, Resources & Empowerment (CARE) Network.


Civil Rights Officer

Nicole Ack
Library 3102
(360) 867-5371

The Civil Rights Officer responds to reports and complaints alleging violations of the College's Non-Discrimination and Sexual Harassment and Sexual Misconduct policies, including retaliation for participating in the complaint process.  The Civil Rights Officer provides advice, assistance, information about the policies or related procedures, and investigates allegations as appropriate.


Student Health Center

Seminar 1, Room 2110
(360) 867-6200


Student Counseling Center

Seminar 1, Room 4130
(360) 867-6800


Title IX Coordinator

Paul D. Gallegos Special Assistant to the President for Diversity Affairs and Title IX Coordinator
Library 3207
(360) 867-6368

Provides information and assistance to those who wish to raise a complaint or report a concern relating to the Sexual Harassment and Sexual Misconduct policy or the College’s compliance with Title IX. Ensures that the College is in compliance with Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, which includes College responses to complaints.