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Paul McCreary, Ph.D.

Dr. Paul McCreary

"I believe that everyone can develop skills in math and can actually have fun discovering the genius within themselves."

Paul McCreary, Ph.D.

Dr. Paul McCreary is a firm believer that collaboration during class sessions is an especially effective way to learn.

Currently he is working with a group of students to use their math skills to create 3D animations of protein interactions. He is also working with high school and middle school teachers in Tacoma to increase the diversity and success of students in science and math classes.

Dr. McCreary earned a B.S. in Political Science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1970 and a MAT in Education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education in 1971. He later continued his education with a M.S. in Computational Math (1984) and Ph.D. in Mathematics (1998) at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Prior to arriving at The Evergreen State College, Dr. McCreary taught at Xavier University of Louisiana in New Orleans, but was displaced when Hurricane Katrina devastated the area.

He enjoys teaching with faculty from a wide variety of academic fields and finding ways that mathematics can be applied across disciplines. He gains satisfaction from helping students overcome their dislike of math, whether their purpose is to help their children with their school home work or is to begin a study for advanced work in applied fields.

Dr. McCreary taught high school for 9 years in Illinois and helped practicing and pre-service teachers learn how to apply collaboration in their classrooms. He also developed software to investigate protein interactions supported by a grant from the National Institutes for Health.

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