Tacoma Program

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of degree can I earn at Evergreen-Tacoma?
The Bachelor of Arts degree. Evergreen-Tacoma students design academic pathways that allow them to concentrate on areas such as Community & Organizational Development, Public Administration & Management, Law & Public Policy, Social Services Leadership, Education and Training, Cultural Studies, Media Arts and Environmental & Public Health.

What will my degree be "in"?

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The Bachelor of Arts degree at Evergreen is a liberal arts degree. What this means at Evergreen-Tacoma is that students are helped to realize their potential through innovative, interdisciplinary studies encompassing the arts, humanities, social sciences and natural sciences. In addition to preparing students within their academic fields, Evergreen-Tacoma provides graduates with the fundamental skills to communicate, to solve problems, and to work collaboratively to independently address real issues and problems.


How long will it take me to graduate?

The minimum requirement for the Bachelor or Arts is 180 quarter credit hours. It will, therefore, take a transfer student who has 90 transferable quarter credit hours six quarters to graduate. If you transfer credit from another college with more than 90 transferable credits, you must earn at least 45 of your last 90 quarter credit hours while enrolled at Evergreen to be eligible for an Evergreen degree.

Can I attend part-time?
No. Evergreen-Tacoma is a full-time only (16 quarter hours) program.


Can I attend classes in the evening?
Yes. We offer the same classes both day and night to accommodate working students.

How can I get help with academic planning?
Evergreen-Tacoma provides a multiple and visible system of advising to help you think about your academic plans. You are assigned a faculty advisor who will lead your seminars and write your end-of-the-year evaluations. You can also seek academic planning assistance from a variety of advising resources including other faculty, problem-solving with the Student Services Coordinator, seeking out appropriate advice from other offices on the Olympia Campus and, of course, "do-it-yourself" advising. See the Academic Advising Handbook for more details about these options.


Can I get credit for my work experience?
Evergreen does not award credit for work experience alone. However, participation in a workshop, seminar or training program may be evaluated for possible transfer credit. Also, students with substantial previous non-academic experience that merits the award of college credit may want to check out the Prior Learning from Experience option. See the Student Services Coordinator for more information.

How do graduate schools view the narrative evaluation process?
Evergreen-Tacoma graduates have been admitted to a wide variety of graduate and professional programs across the nation. Because narrative evaluations make the Evergreen transcript so detailed, they provide a graduate admissions committee a comprehensive assessment of your undergraduate work and readiness to continue your education. They also make it easier for faculty to write persuasive letters of recommendation for students.


Does Evergreen offer any graduate degrees?
Yes. Although there are currently no graduate programs offered at the Tacoma Campus, however, the Olympia Campus offers the Master of Public Administration, Master of Environmental Studies and Master in Teaching degrees.